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My Services

From corporate coaching and personal development training opportunities to motivational speaking, I am committed to helping my clients exceed their initial goals.

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Personal Development

Become the Best Version of YOU

While working with me on personal development, you can expect to:

  • Gain clarity about your life’s purpose.

  • Receive the essential help to achieve your lifelong goals.

  • Develop a powerful plan to ensure your dream becomes a reality.

  • Trainings that are aligned with proven life strategies.

  • Relevant educational opportunities that motivate and inspire.

  • A caring coach that listens and understands the tough journey.

I will help you:

  • Recognize and learn from your mistakes.

  • Push beyond your “safe” boundaries that just hold you back.

  • Identify a surefire game plan for success.

  • Realize that your life is full of unlimited potential.

On your journey to discovering yourself and developing into the best version of you, I will work with you one-on-one to ensure you don’t forget what is most important. Contact Me to get started!

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Speaking Engagements

Moving Crowds Toward More Successful Outcomes

In addition to personal development and business coaching, I offer highly energetic and insightful youth and adult speaking events. Here are the impactful topics I cover:

Speaking Event Themes For Youth:

  • Anti-Bullying (Helping students learn to get along and speak up in the face of adversity)

  • Overcoming Obstacles

  • Peer Pressure

  • Leadership Development

  • Drugs & Alcohol Prevention

  • Dropout Prevention

  • Developing a Strong Personal Character

  • Failing Forward

  • Positive Self-Image

  • Winning vs. Learning (For Youth)

  • Stand Up and Be Counted


Speaking Event Themes For Adults:

  • The Power of Connection and Relationships

  • The Power of Living In Your Purpose

  • Living Your Dream & Loving Your Life

  • Winning vs. Learning (For Adults)

  • Teamwork Makes the Marriage Work (Rekindle the Spark You Once Had)

  • How To Become a Person of Influence That People Will Remember

  • 10 Habits To Develop By the Time You Are 30 (For Millennials)


Would you like me to speak to your employees, church congregation, school organization, or at your next great event?


I am available to speak for:

  • Men/Women/Couples/Youth

  • Empowerment Conferences

  • Half-Day & Full-Day Seminars

  • Workshops

  • Retreats

  • In-House Corporate Training

  • One-on-Ones

  • Mastermind Groups

  • Lunch-&-Learns

  • Keynote Speaking Events

Child Counselor

Coaching Sessions

Achieve the Life You Desire

Through my biblical and life coaching sessions, you will learn that prayer is a trustworthy power source – Dunamis Power! I will teach you how to use prayer to transform your mind to achieve the life and connection with God you desire.

  • Life Coaching

  • Spiritual Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Marriage Coaching*

*This service is for legally married (Biblically recognized husbands and wives only). These sessions are facilitated by Pastors Herb and April Adkins.

Personal and Leadership Coaching Services

Unlock Your Potential with Tailored Coaching

Elevate your personal and professional journey with our bespoke coaching services.


As a dedicated personal coach, I specialize in cultivating the strengths of individuals eager to embrace change, overcome obstacles, and achieve their highest aspirations. My approach is deeply personal, empathetic, and transformative, ensuring that your unique path to success is fulfilling and sustainable.

Forge Leaders of Tomorrow

Leadership is not just about position; it's about action. My leadership coaching is designed to refine your innate leadership abilities with confidence, clarity, and vision. Through a series of strategic sessions, we will hone your leadership skills to inspire teams, drive innovation, and leave a lasting impact. Whether you are stepping into a new role or looking to enhance your current leadership style, our coaching will position you at the forefront of excellence.

Comprehensive Approach

Our coaching philosophy integrates practical business acumen with psychological insights, fostering growth in both your personal and professional realms. By aligning your values, goals, and actions, we ensure that your progress is aligned with your true purpose. With a commitment to confidentiality and trust, we create a safe space for you to explore, develop, and soar.

Connect for Success

Embark on a transformative coaching experience where your success is our priority. Reach out to begin your journey towards personal mastery and exemplary leadership.

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